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Now the benefits of vision care that were previously only available to large groups and employers are available to individuals and self employed persons. The Preferred Vision Care Benefit covers all eligible family members for one low price.

A. How do I sign up?

1. Just fill in the information requested in the form along with your credit card information. Click the link below to sign up.

Sign up for one year of membership

2. Click the send button after filling in all the boxes and your part is complete.

Your enrollment information will be processed within 2 business days and your Benefit explanation book including two Preferred Vision Care benefit cards will arrive in your home in less than 21 days.

B. How do I use the Benefit?

1. Once you receive your Benefit booklet and cards you simply present your Preferred Vision Care benefit card to any one of over 8000 Preferred Vision Care providers nationwide to receive your discount on the next pair of glasses you purchase.

For your convenience, we have listed all of the participating providers within a 20-minute drive of your home on the back page of your Benefit booklet. You can also use our on-line provider search.

If you are out of town and need to replace your glasses, simply call the toll free number on the back of your Preferred Vision Care card to access a list of providers closest to the location from where you are calling. This locator service is accessible anywhere in the U.S., Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

C. What is the Discount or the Benefit?

When you purchase a pair of glasses from any one of our 8000 providers, your purchase will be at Preferred Vision Care Member pricing. The average savings off of retail nationwide is 45.3%. However, your savings may be higher or lower depending upon the type of glasses you order and the providers’ reasonable and customary retail price.

D. What is the cost?

The normal cost is only $19.95 per member per year, however as one of our customers, you are allowed the special price of $19.00. This covers you and your immediate family members.

E. Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many times can I use the benefit?
A. As many times as you wish over the next 12 months. There is no limit to the number of pair of glasses you may purchase at wholesale cost.

Q. Are any frames, lenses or special coatings not covered under the Preferred Vision Care benefit?
A. No! Your choice of frames, lenses & coating options available on the U.S. market today is UNLIMITED!

Q. You haven’t mentioned contacts. What is the benefit for contacts?
A. Contact lenses are available at 5%-20% off retail.