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A Historical Perspective of The Vision Benefit Industry

Paul J. Disser

Chief Executive Officer
and Select Authors

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HearPO February Newletter


Medicare Establishes Reimbursement for VisionCare’s Implantable Telescope for Macular Degeneration — Vision Monday, September 12, 2011


Implanted telescope restores sight to blind –, Sep, 2010


Feature Article: HSA 2.5.NETICMG Marketing News, Jun, 2006


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Whose Ox is Being Gored?Broker World, Feb, 2005


Increase Your Sales: Focus on Vision Care!HIU, May, 2003

How Will We Be Remembered?LIMRA’s MarketFacts Quarterly, Fall, 2003


Focusing on Facts: Change Creates Economic OpportunitiesLIMRA’s MarketFacts, Sep-Oct, 2002

Vision Care Revealed New HorizonsProfessional Insurance Agents, November, 2002


Engineering Work Force Asks For A Vision Benefit, Firm Responds With Company-Paid Discount PlanEBPR, April, 2001


“Laser Surgery Added To Vision Care Benefits”Enrollment Specialists, April, 1999

“Spectrum Vision Systems”Broker World, April, 1999

“The Vision Care Benefits Picture Improves with the Addition of Laser Surgery”Health Insurance Underwriter, May, 1999

“Increase Sales by Focusing on Vision Care”Agent’s Sales Journal, August, 1999

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“P-C Agents Should Focus On Vision Care”National Underwriter, April 13, 1998

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“Vision Care, Once Seen As ‘Stepchild’ Of Benefits, Grows In Popularity Among Employers, Employees”Underwriters Report, January 4, 1996

“Vision Care: A New Growth Market”N ational Underwriter, March 4, 1996

“New Focus On Vision Care Reveals a Growing Market”National Underwriter February 12, 1996

“Focus On Vision Care Reveals Large, Relatively Unexplored Market”Illinois Broker, 2nd Quarter, 1996

“Ancillary Group Product Sales Growing Rapidly In Popularity”Wisconcin Broker, May, 1996

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“Booming Field Winning Sharper Focus In Marketplace”Vision Care, September, 1995


President’s Corner – “Tempus Fugit”Insurance Insights, January/February 1994

President’s Corner – “My Fellow MI 2 Members”Insurance Insights, March/April 1994

“Concerns Over Changes In Nations Health Care Delivery System May Be Justified, But Opportunities Overshadow Them”Insurance Marketing, June 1994


“Managed Care Can Be Mastered With Cooperation”20/20’s Vision Monday- January 22, 1993

“A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The (Health Care) Forum”Broker World- May, 1993

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“The Field Is Wide Open For ‘Ancillary’ Group Product Sales” – Interview of Paul Disser by Denise Roesler-Cunningham, CLU – Group Products- November 1993


“The Thriving Market Of Ancillary Benefits”Broker World- October 1991


“Spectrum Vision Systems” – 20/20’s Special Report – Managed Care, August 1990


“Ancillary Products in the Health Insurance Industry” – A Necessity In Today’s Uncertain Environment – Broker World- June 1988

“Spectrum Works With Labs to Form Extensive PPO Base”Optic Index- September 5, 1988

“Art Of Pricing – A Sensitive Matter”20/20’s Vision Monday – September 12, 1988


“March Of The Lemmings” – Government Hopeful On Healthcare Costs National Underwriter- March 26, 1983