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Ancillary Group Product Sales Growing Rapidly In Popularity

The current uneasiness in the marketplace about the final outcome of federal health care reform has created an opportunity in the marketplace that has been spotted by knowledgeable life/health agents. They understand that the government’s goal is to ultimately have comprehensive coverage for all people and that, by voluntary or forced methods, all areas of health will be included in the plans.


In today’s work force of men and women over the age of seventeen, nearly 64% depend on corrective lenses. Over 150 million Americans wear corrective lenses. Current annual expenditures exceed $12 billion on eyewear and $3 billion on eye examinations. Future projected expenditures are estimated to increase 10 to 12 percent per year through the year 2010.


According to Paul Disser, president and CEO of Spectrum Vision Systems of Overland Park, Kansas, vision PPOs have become the preferred method of providing quality eye care benefits to employees of small and large business alike.

“We’ve seen a huge expansion of interest in vision services, especially through our Preferred Vision Care PPO division. Since our inception in 1983 we’ve added over 20,000 company clients, with 4 million members, agreements with over 80 wholesale optical laboratories servicing over 20,000 independent doctors and dispensers of eyewear products, and have another 6,000 independent and commercial optometrists in all 50 states under contract.”

“Our growth proves there is a lot of interest in vision as a ben- efit and we see nothing but an expansion of that growth ahead for us,” according to Disser.


“With this market opportunity,” according to Disser, “our PPO vision system provides the agent with a natural prospecting base not only with existing clients, but as a door-opener for additional sales.”


One of the advantages Preferred Vision offers is their experience in custom-designing a benefit package to match expressed needs of diverse clients. “We offer interactive, personalized consultation on the design, cost, administration and market application of our products,” he said.


Employees enrolled in Preferred Vision Care pay wholesale cost for eyeglasses and extras, like tinting or scratch coating, and save a minimum of 20% on contact lenses and other vision products. The members just present their card at a PVC provider location. No pre-approval or claims forms are necessary.


“Agents need to look at this market very carefully,” said Disser. “The current annual expenditures exceed $12 billion on eyewear and $3 billion on eye examinations.”

Disser said the penetration of vision care benefits in the labor force is still less than 35%…and in the general population fewer than 25% of the people have access to a formal vision care program.

“This provides the agent with a marketplace of 150 million eyeglass wearers in the country,” he said.


While vision coverage has been around for 30 plus years, this benefit is now becoming the benefit of choice among employers for its low cost and easy maintenance and its ability to provide employees with a benefit they really need and use.

Mr. Disser can be reached at Spectrum Vision Systems Inc., Overland Park, Kansas… 800/635-7874.

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