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The PVC Plus Plan provides a total vision care program and is available to Groups of more than 50 such as employer-paid benefit groups, school districts, and associations. Vision exams are available to a member, spouse, and dependent children living within the household. (Eligible dependents must be claimed on the member’s federal income tax return in order to qualify for coverage.)  Examinations are reimbursed up to maximum limits based upon the specific plan selected.

You are free to choose from among the list of PVC Preferred Providers for your examination, or you may use a Doctor of your own choosing.  If a Doctor outside of the PVC network is selected, reimbursement would be limited.

The PVC®Plus plan would exclude from coverage:

  • Surgical procedures
  • Treatment for injuries under any circumstances
  • Hospital Services
  • Treatment for conditions, including field examinations and its interpretation, and other diagnostic procedures
  • Examinations, services or materials provided as a result of any Workman’s Compensation Law or similar legislation, or obtained through or required by any government agency or program whether federal, state or any subdivision thereof.

You are responsible for paying the Provider directly at the time of examination. Reimbursement is then made to you upon presentation of a valid claim form mailed to the Plan Administrator, Spectrum Benefits Management Corporation, in the enclosed self-addressed envelope.  Reimbursement applies only for the examination, not for the eyewear or contacts.  Eyewear purchased by a PVC® member through an approved PVC®provider would be at the specially reduced PVC Provider price.

Questions Answered Regarding PVC® PLUS

Q. Who may participate in the PVC Plus Program?

A. PVC Plus is only available to Groups such as employers, school districts and associations. PVC Plus is not available to individuals and/or their family on a stand-alone basis.

Q. What Is Preferred Vision Care® (PVC)?

A. A nationwide Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) of independent ophthalmic professionals licensed and trained to provide quality eyecare and eyewear products to members of Preferred Vision Care.

Q. How Does PVC Work? Whom Can Use PVC?
A. By presenting your PVC membership card to an Approved PVC Provider, all eligible members of your immediate family are allowed to purchase eyeglasses and contact lenses at substantial savings compared to non-participating practitioners.

Q. Are There Any Restrictions or Exclusions?
A. There are no restrictions or exclusions.  PVC applies to all types and styles of eyewear including Rx sunglasses and contact lenses.  The only requirement is that you use an Approved PVC Provider in your area.

Q. What About Eye Examinations?
A. To assure quality and proper fitting, we encourage all PVC members to obtain an up-to-date eye examination from a trained and licensed Professional within the PVC Provider network.  Eye examinations are covered by PVC Plus. You pay the Doctor at the time of the examination.  You will then be reimbursed by the Plan Administrator within a few days.

Q. Can My Optometrist Become a PVC Provider?
A. PVC is the largest PPO of independent ophthalmic professionals in the United States and is adding to its list of Approved PVC Providers regularly.  If your Optometrist is interested in learning more about PVC, he can call 913-451-1672 and contact the Provider Resources Department.

Q. What is a Dispensing Fee?
A. A dispensing fee is the cost of fitting the eyeglasses charged by the PVC Provider.  Since the PVC Provider is selling you his materials at specially reduced pricing, the dispensing fee is his charge for the time it takes to fit and service the patient.

Q. What Forms Do I Fill Out? Whom Do I Pay?
A. Merely pay the PVC Provider the specially reduced cost of your glasses/contacts at the point of service.  Your savings are realized immediately! For examinations, pay the PVC Provider at the time of your exam. Then merely put the Doctor’s bill in the self-addressed envelope enclosed with this letter.  A reimbursement check will be sent to you by the Plan Administrator within a few days.

Q. How Will I Know If I Paid Only the Special Member Cost? *
A. Each PVC Provider is under a legal contract with Preferred Vision Care® to service PVC members under a special pricing formula.  If you have any questions about this issue, merely call 913-451-1672 and our trained and courteous Customer Service Representatives will be happy to take care of you with a complete explanation of any/all charges.

Q. How Do I Find the Most Convenient PVC Provider Location?
A. Simply refer to the PVC Provider directory enclosed with your member I.D card.  While you are online here on our web site, visit our Online PVC Provider Directory.  Pick out the location nearest to your home or business and call the PVC Provider for an appointment.

Q. Whom Do I Call If I Have Any Questions?
A. Simply call 913-451-1672 and contact the Customer Service Department. We are standing by to serve you.

Q. What about Laser Vision Correction (LVC) surgery?
A. If you are interested in LVC, we suggest that you discuss this subject with a qualified vision care professional. PVC members are eligible for special LVC pricing at designated PVC/LVC provider locations. Call 877-644-9090 and identify yourself as a Preferred Vision Care® member for more information.

† PVC® allows for up to a 20% discount on disposable contact lenses from usual and customary charges for the first time supply (minimum 3 months) one time per year. After the initial supply, the member may be responsible for paying usual and customary charges.

* With respect to Providers who are participating in a Preferred Vision Care® sponsored fee research and development program, member shall be entitled to purchase frames, eyeglass lenses and any/all options at guaranteed “everyday low prices” plus an additional 5 to 20% off. No additional dispensing fees apply under this research and development program.