It is hard to believe it has been almost one year since our 24th Annual Meeting in Washington D.C. Personally, it feels like the time has evaporated overnight. However, during that time, a great deal has occurred within the healthcare/benefits community and within MI2. As my term as President of MI2 draws to a close, I would like to review some of the significant accomplishments of the Institute.

Like all worthwhile organizations, MI2 is a living, breathing entity, undergoing a continual metamorphosis. And yet, even as it changes to reflect the needs of its membership, MI2 has remained faithful to its original charter, established 25 years ago: to act as an educational forum and resource for those professionals engaged in the delivery of benefits to large masses of people. As the Institute celebrates its 25th Anniversary, now is the perfect time to acknowledge and salute all of those who preceded us for their vision, their guidance and their fortitude.

The positions of President, Board Member, Executive Director etc., are all temporary by design. The change in officers and Board members allows for the introduction of new ideas, new projects, new concepts to meet the needs of MI2 membership. And yet, even as new concepts and ideas are being introduced, there is an underlying orderliness to the change due to the strategic plan and transition plan designed years ago by your Board. One of the key components of the strategic plan is membership. New member growth and retention is critical to the survival of MI2. We will be emphasizing this area as never before as evidenced by the new MI2 Nominator Program. Your participation in this program is strongly encouraged.

Another new concept we will be introducing in the next year is the “regional specialty seminar.” This is a concept based upon our very successful annual educational seminars, typically held in Las Vegas. However, the regional specialty seminar will be on a smaller scale, hosted by an MI2 member in that member’s own city. We hope to build a greater awareness of the benefits of membership in MI2 by offering more frequent seminars on a more economical basis. You will be hearing more about this soon.

As I prepare to turn over the gavel to the next President of MI2 I do so with the highest degree of confidence. The transition team of officers and Board members represents an outstanding blend of leadership and innovation, energy and enthusiasm. This team comprises all of the necessary ingredients for MI2‘s continued success in the future, i.e., senior insurance company executives, experienced benefits marketers and innovative administrators. In the final analysis, people are what count above all else. I have been privileged to serve MI2 as its President along with some of the finest individuals I know in the benefits industry. I say to each of them, “Thank You,” and I hope that you receive the same support in your new responsibilities as you provided me in mine. I look forward to seeing all of you in Orlando.


Paul J. Disser